Three Tips To Make A Small Bathroom Look And Feel Bigger!

Poor lighting will make a small bathroom feel even more cramped than it already is.  Luckily, with glare-free, balanced natural light piped in by a Solatube sun tunnel and creative visual placements, you can quickly and easily transform a dark and dreary bathroom.


Tip no.1: Take the tiling in the shower up to the ceiling

Again, the key to making any small bathroom look bigger is to eliminate as many visual obstructions as you can. For a seamless look, take the shower tiling all the way up to the ceiling.


Tip no.2: Use frameless glass for your shower

Frameless glass shower doors are superior to shower curtains for many reasons. They’re remain mould free, are easy to clean (particularly with a squeegee) and they remove the visual obstruction of the curtain and make the bathroom feel large, open and airy.


But remember, this only applies to clear glass shower doors – textured or obscure glass can make a bathroom feel like it has an extra wall.


Tip no.3: Pipe in natural light with tubular skylights

Poor lighting will make a small bathroom feel even more cramped than it already is, particularly as so many bathrooms these days are entirely windowless.


Just see how bright a Solatube sun tunnel is, transforming this windowless bathroom in to a bright, welcoming room with a single, small system.


Before                                                After


Adding a Solartube sun pipe is a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to add natural light to any space in your home. They require no structural changes and are one of the fastest ways to transform your home with natural light – a Solatube sun tunnel installer can install one in a matter of hours.  And don’t worry, a Solatube is very well sealed at ceiling level and is also double glazed, therby preventing any condensation issues. Tubular Solartube skylights will help you create a brighter, more colourful bathroom that costs nothing to light.

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